Being one step ahead can be the difference to achieve success

In today’s world and Business, whoever is one step ahead has a greater chance of success. If we venture to imagine the possible changes that will come in months and years after this stage in the collective spaces of offices and business buildings, we realize that the three main factors to take into account are: health, hygiene and measures of social distancing necessary to contain the expansion of the coronavirus. It must be taken into account that new needs will appear and it will be necessary to adapt quickly together with the design to remodel in a comfortable environment.

Promotion of Teleworking:

The obligatory experience of teleworking or remote meetings has come to stay as a formula to benefit the productivity of the worker and the company. It is vital to readjust spaces, improve internet lines and remodel spaces to benefit communication.

Meeting rooms and other implementations:

It is important to include disinfection points in office spaces such as hydro-alcoholic liquids, marking routes on the floor with vinyl or markings for safe distances. The meeting rooms must be of great importance since they are spaces with a great confluence of workers.

Correct materials

Until recently, the trend was to use materials such as natural wood, porous stone or carpet on the floor. These elements will be changed and integrated into the design of buildings through materials such as plastic or melamine that are easy to clean and disinfect to eliminate viruses. It is important to avoid porosity and joints so that cleaning is optimal. An element to take into account is that these materials are respectful in terms of production and the environment.

Technology and its role in design

New projects and renovations must be conditioned by the technological factor. These smart offices will make it possible to offer all kinds of information and channel the flows of movement and the number of people who stay in each area of ​​the building. It is important that workers can move around the common areas of the building without the need to touch anything (buttons, handrails, doors…) The CONTACT LESS concept must prevail through mechanisms such as “voice commands” or “motion sensors” to provide solutions to design needs.

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