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The global pandemic that has emerged has allowed us to realize that we must innovate urban design. An example of this was the arrival of Cholera, which required the construction of new plumbing and sewage systems, as well as new zoning laws to prevent overcrowding.

It is necessary to remodel spaces, redesign structures and expand areas of vital importance. Among the changes are “adaptable” buildings, which can quickly switch to a different use in the event of a pandemic or other natural disaster.

Building design or remodeling to combat infectious diseases should focus on social distancing and the correct use of air filtration in ventilation.

Other examples to consider include:


Rush University Hospital in Chicago has an ambulance area designed to be isolated so that incoming patients can be evaluated without putting the rest of the hospital at risk.


The design will be made based on social distancing, including the tables and chairs in the service rooms. Giving an increase in importance to spaces for delivery and self-service.


Social distance will entail readjusting the design of spaces, the placement of articles and the management of people and interior traffic.

The payment area (checkout) is of vital importance and must be transformed for the protection of both consumers and staff, through distancing, the creation of adaptable furniture and transparent plastic for protection.

In all cases, new devices will be essential, furniture for gloves, hand sanitizer, masks, where everything is together and not separated as it is now. As well as the signage that will be absolutely essential.

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