Do you know when the idea of May 10 came up?

We should always congratulate the special mothers and women in our lives who have been there for us through thick and thin, but this May 10th even more so as we celebrate Mother’s Day. Discover the following curious facts that we have for you:

-The original idea of ​​Mother’s Day came on May 10, 1908.

-Mother’s Day is the third most popular holiday in the world, just below Christmas and Easter.

-The women of the world have 2 children on average. One in 33 gives birth to twins and one in 539 women gives birth to more than 3 babies in a multiple birth.

-In the spring festivals Greek mythology had a celebration in honor of the mother goddess called, Rhea. She was the wife of Cronus and is believed to be the mother of many deities.

-Mother’s Day represents a quarter of all flowers sold throughout the year worldwide.

-In the year 250 BC the ancient Romans celebrated a spring festival called Hilaria. It was dedicated to a mother goddess named Cibeles. Her followers made offerings in the temple, parades and games for three days.

-A mother may have changed 7,300 diapers in the first year of her child’s life.

-Google revealed that the countries that most search for the term mom are Spanish-speaking users from the countries of Mexico, Chile and Peru, and their searches focus on poems, songs, gifts and activities related to the word mom.

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